Case Results

1. Truck turns into motorcyclist: $1,750,000
2. Transport Hires Truck Company with deficient rating: $   750,000
3. Semi truck slips on bridge and collides with car in Wyoming causing TBI: $5,400,000
4. Man survives head-on collision with concrete truck: $1,465,000
5. Tow truck rearends Mazda 626 causing mild brain injury: $5,750,000
6. Casino construction accident kills worker: $1,875,000
7. Motorcycle crash at intersection: $1,750,000
8. RSD & nerve injury requires spinal cord stimulator: $1,780,000
9. Negligent security results in beating at bar and brain damage: $500,000
10. Minor brain injury to woman in crash: $350,000
11. NJ car crash results in minor traumatic brain injury: $350,000
12. Crash leaves woman to cope with brain damage: $762,000
13. Car flips on highway after crash with semi truck $500,000
14. Semi makes unsafe turn into car resulting in back & neck injury: $780,000
15. Man trips on ripped carpet in casino resulting in MTBI: $550,000
16. Bus collides head on with Bronco resulting in head injury: $880,000
17. Man rendered comatose after off duty police officer assaults him in club $2,225,000
18. Negligent Club Security results in mild TBI: $260,000
19. Motorcycle crash into semi tractor making illegal turn kills motorcyclist: $2,000,000
20. Attorney fails to advise clients and fails to make statute of limitation: $200,000
21. Guest’s Beating caused by Inadequate Security at Budget Suites results in Back Injury and TBI: $4,300,000
22. Work injury caused by third party results in neck stimulator: $1,000,000
23. Bad Faith of Car Insurance in dealing with insured: $350,000